web design

Mobile / Web Design

We are in fact web design experts. The internet has come a long way and it is anticipated within the next year mobile web browsing will surpass desktop browsing. What does that mean? By 2014 more people will be surfing the internet on their phones or tablets than perhaps a laptop or desktop computer.

mobile web developmentIs your website mobile ready?

We design all our websites on a ‘responsive’ or ‘mobile-ready’ platform. This allows the website to re-size perfectly to accommodate any screen size. Visit our site with your smart phone or tablet and see for yourself how it works.

UX / UI User Experience / User InterfaceUX / UI App Design

UX / UI (User Experience / User Interface Design) – This is the good stuff.  We love beautiful interfaces and user experience.  We feel this is becoming even more important with the rise of mobile use.  Ultimately there is less screen real estate to accommodate content.  We follow a minimalist philosophy when it comes to design and focusing on bring the user the best and most intuitive experience.  We love designing Web Apps, native iOS apps, and Android Apps.

logos and brandingLogo Design / Branding

Logos are important.  Let’s say that together “Logos are important”.  Having a well designed brand image is one of the most important parts of building a business.  Whether it’s a new business or it’s time to re-brand we have the design expertise to complete the job.

Website Hosting

Don’t get confused by web hosting.  First, know what it is.  Think of the internet as city.  A web server (where you host your website) is like an apartment building with many units available for rent.  Since your website is technically made up of a bunch of ones and zeros it will need a place to live or reside, ie: the web server / hosting.  Your domain name or ‘dot com’ like www.MyBusiness.com functions like a phone number.  So, when an internet user types in your domain name into a web browser it knows to go to your web server and ‘serves’ up the website to the user. View our website hosting policy.

e-commerceE-commerce Solutions

Selling online can be complicated.  Payment gateways, shopping Carts, merchant Account, oh my!?  There are a lot of options when selling online and many ways to skin the proverbial cat.  We can ease the headache and help in the decision making process with our years of experience.  After a brief meeting discussing your product or store we can find the best solution for your business.